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 817 years, when the Saicho (Dengyo Daishi) is passed through the Tōsandō to missionary work of the Tendai sect to Dongguk, it dropped in at Godo.Anpachi Dayu Yasutsugu is Gunji (district manager) of this land, were devotion to the teachings of Saicho.So Saicho built a Yougouzan Jingoji Zengakuin in accordance with the solicitation of Yasutsugu. And by ceremonially transfer the four-poster God of Omi Sakamoto of Hiyoshi God, the shrine's Hiyoshi faith was built.

 Thereafter 861 years(※), Ennin(Jikaku Daishi) is a disciple of Saicho, he came to Godo by tracing the road walked the Saicho. It was ceremonially transfer God of the three pillars to that time in Hiyoshi shrine.

 Saicho (Dengyo Daishi) four-poster, Ennin(Jikaku Daishi) three-poster, the gods of the Seven Pillars in total is enshrined been ceremonially transfer, it has been Hohei as Sanno seven companies until today.At that time, the gods are The syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism has been used that is integral.This way of thinking, the Meiji era until The Ordinance Distinguishing Shinto and Buddhism is issued to, has been involved in the operation as Betto-ji of Zengakuin Hiyoshi shrine.

 It was promoted to Ken-sya (prefectural shrine) in July 1931.When the Pacific War ends in August 1945, Shakaku was abolished in isolation directive of the state and Shinto is issued. It became the then Kinpe-sha.

 ※There is also 860 years of theory.

Taisho era and the present.

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1913 or earlier, Somon

1913 or earlier, Somon (main gate of Shrine)

1916 previous, Three‐storied Pagoda

1916 previous, Three‐storied Pagoda

1913 circa, Shrine's area

1913 circa, Shrine's area