Kinpe-sya Hiyoshi shrine

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1200 years, and it is enshrinedin the local Godo‐cho. 「Kinpe‐sya Hiyoshi shrine」 Brilliant main shrine of banner‐flag. Seven of the Mikoshi is a Gorgeous. Tradition to take over, to children. Torch with a powerful. Heart of Godo festival to be taken over. Soul‐stirring in the run through the Morning‐Togyo. Godo men scramblefor Chikara‐gami. In order to see the seven Mikoshi, festival of people and the audience is gather. Three‐storied Pagoda (country important cultural property) Three wise monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Chinowa‐kuguri (summer purification rites)

Godo Sanno festival

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